Animated Videos

2D and 3D animations
designed to enrich
the learning experience

Interactive Simulations

Uses latest technology to
provide experiences that encourage
learning by doing

Exam Paper Solutions

Solved questions presented
as step-by-step videos for
greater conceptual clarity

Edukite Monitor

A revolutionary product that allows
school authorities to monitor
usage of the software across platforms


Enriching videos for better learning

Our software uses 2D and 3D animations to explain complex concepts in a simple, interesting manner. This means that learners can relate to concepts through real-life scenarios of South Africa. The easy-to-understand format tackles common misconceptions of learners, strengthening the foundation. Learners can observe experiments that are shown as animated videos. As a result, they stay curious and keep coming back for more.

Engaged learners make better learners

Edukite helps teachers simulate experiments and scenarios to grab attention while educating well. The software acts as a powerful tool to demonstrate complex concepts in a simple manner, helping learners learn better. Learners also acquire new knowledge by testing diverse scenarios on their own.

Learn from the past to build the future

Edukite offers fully worked out previous exam papers across all subjects with step-by-step solution videos. The more learners practice, the more they are likely to score.

Map the learning

Edukite monitor analyses the usage of the software by teachers and learners across their learning journey. It uses this data to monitor progress by user, grade, school, district and province.


A classroom for teachers

Edukite offers training in content, pedagogy and technology. It addresses the content gap challenges faced by teachers and their practices
on how to integrate the software in day-to-day education.

Initial training for teachers

Edukite trainers train a cohort of teachers at a central venue for using digital content in the classroom. The training programme is aimed at ensuring effective use of teaching time through use of technology.

Continuing Professional Development

Edukite conducts focused group sessions to understand and resolve key problem areas in the curriculum. Every teacher receives a combination of initial training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Onsite learner interventions

Edukite trainers visit selected schools and provide one day of exclusive training. They schedule several classes during the day with multiple sessions for learners who
need assistance.